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Bioregulatory Medicine

Bioregulatory Medicine Course

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The Post-graduate Course in Bioregulatory Medicine is established for Medical and Health Practitioners. The Syllabus is based on treatment of balancing biological systems and facilitating multifactorial and multisystem interactions. The Academy aims to update Hippocrates spirit with new millennium knowledge of quantum physics, homoeotherapeutics, molecular biology and system biology.

Course dates

Academy organises Diploma Courses each academic year, starting in January during 12 months of combined in-house weekends of theory and clinical practice, with webinars and Course work with tutor supervision.

Homeostasis as Bioregulatory Medicine

The Course in Bioregulatory Medicine brings together various therapeutic methodologies and integrates them into a unified therapeutic platforms based on bioregulation of homeostatic mechanisms. It teaches various methods and techniques capable of facilitating homeostatic rebalance and re-awakening the inherent human capacity to heal itself, which Hippocrates referred to as a 'Vis Medicatrix Naturae' - the healing power of Nature.

Environmental Medicine

The course also emphasises importance of environmental deficiencies and toxicities on human health. It is an appropriate way of treating 'new disorders' which seem to be a result of increased toxicities and strain on our natural defensive systems. Thus, leading to the rise of chronic, degenerative and malignant diseases which have gradually surpassed cardiovascular incidence. This changed diseases patterns calls for Environmental and Preventative strategies which is appropriate response to the rising need for drug free and non-supressive medical treatments.

Evolving Art of Medicine

The objective of this course is to bring the healing under the umbrella of contemporary science and within the context of modern Pathophysiology and Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology.

Teaching Syllabus

  • Applied physiology-maintaining homeostasis (biofeedback, bioresonance, manual techniques, NLP)
  • The Biomedic system of integrated medicine.
  • Detoxifying and antioxidants medicine
  • Bioregulation of the matrix terrain and oxydative treatments
  • Bioregulatory nutrition and acid alkaline therapies
  • PNEI bioregulation including inflammation modulation
  • Psychophysiology techniques in releasing stress and trauma
  • Reversal of the psychosomatic process in clinical practice
  • The Power of Placebo and Nocebo: Clinical use and abuse
  • The healing crisis and Reversal of Disease
  • Turning spontaneous remission into scientifically induced remission.
  • Chronic Stress and Presomatic Syndromes
  • Somato-emotional and bio-energy release techniques.
  • Structural and connective release techniques
  • Environmental medicine (diagnosis and treatment, nutritional deficiency, supplementation and chelation of toxic micro/macro toxicities)

  • Drug free Pain Relief
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