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Membership ISBM

ISBM organises specialisation programme and it's Specialist Board-SBBM sets up Training Standards and holds Specialist Register for those who passed specialist exam. Beside Specialist Register, Society also hold register for Consultants and Felows in the field of Bioregulatory medicine. Limited membership is also open for Affiliated and General members for those attached to the International Society and it's affiliated organisations.

Specialist membership

Full Specialist Register Membership is open only to graduates from our board certified specialist programme, which is affiliated with the ISBM.
The specialists who are eligible for full Specialist members register have completed specialisation programme including final exam and dissertation as a part of assessment. The programme is set up by the Specialist Board of the Society and exam & assessment is supervised by the board.

Fellowship and Consultants

Fellowship with the ISBM is open by invitation to those medical practitioners with a record of education, research or clinical work in the field of Bioregulatory Medicine. The fellowship can also be awarded as an honorary fellowship to those with a general contribution towards the development of Bioregulatory Medicine. The status of Consultant of Bioregulatory Medicine is the highest expertise in clinical practice in Bioregulatory Medicine. Both levels of expertise are awarded at a discertion, by the Specialist Board for Bioregulatory Medicine, as a result of continued successful practice and a minimum of ten years clinical experience in the field.

Affiliated and General membership

Affiliated membership is open to participants of our educational seminars and to apply for affiliated membership fill in our Affiliated Memberships Form.
General Membership is open for those who wish to support the non profit Society and its mission of promoting clinical application of systems bioregulatory medicine, and to join the society please fill in General Membership Form.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Since its adoption at the founding meeting of the British Society for Bioregulatory Medicine in 1994, the BSBM Code of Ethics and Conduct has postulated the values to which medical practitioners commit themselves as members of the BSSM.
The Specialist Board for Medical Training and Ethics help our members and medical practitioners of Bioregulatory Medicine to meet the ethical challenges of medical practice.

The Code is a living document, updated periodically to address the changing conditions of medicine. This new edition, adopted in April 2017 ensure that the Code remains a timely, easy to use resource.

Principles of Medical Ethics PDF, 720KB downloadimage
Training Standards and Competencies PDF, 1,200KB downloadimage
Association Constitution PDF, 1,900KB downloadimage

Membership Benefits

•    Belong to the register regulated by the 'Code of Ethics and Conduct', and 'Constitution'
•    Members' Practitioners insurance specific for Bioregulatory systems medicine
•    Board-certified at Society specialist register to provide health care at levels of the Training Competencies
•    To belong to a respectable professional Organisation of public and professional standing
•    Continual professional development-CPD, via seminars and conferences
•    Newsletters with web based lectures and information on Bioregulatory systems medicine
•    Invitation to international seminars and meetings
•    Opportunities to be consulted on Bioregulatory Medicine
•    To learn and teach Bioregulatory Medicine at an international level
•    Part of an exponentially growing network of like-minded healthcare professionals
•    Opportunities for clinical exchange and sharing knowledge among colleagues
•    Access to knowledge database to scientific articles and papers on Bioregulatory topics
•    Promotion of your clinic/service via our practitioner listings