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Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine™

Registered in England and Wales in 1994 with Charity Commissioners, registration number 1052731

Biomedic Foundation or the Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine™ is a medical educational association established in 1994, with Charity Commisioners in England and Wales.

The Foundation's major objective is to deliver a Bioregulatory Medicine health system in theory and in practice, improving patients' health by facilitating self-regulatory mechanisms known as a Homeostasis, on the principles of systems theory and bioregulatory treatment.

Biomedic Foundation runs the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine (ISBM) with its national affiliated societies, and Academies for Bioregulatory Medicine, which set clinical and educational standards for Bioregulatory Medicine worldwide, and providing regular courses and seminars in the field of Bioregulatory systems medicine.

Society Constitution

  • To create an integrative medical system based on systems biology encompassing multi-systems aetiology and treatment
  • To undertake clinical practice on the concept of homeostasis autoregulation and disease reversal
  • To establish Bioregulatory medicine as a speciality within the contemporary medicine
  • To create specialisation programme, mantain and develop Traininig standards in the field
  • To create specialist register for those have completed a specialist education in the field of approved by the SBBM
  • To promote and practice safe evidence-based medicine
  • To undertake continual reserach in Bioregulation and its clinical modalities
  • To invite medical colleagues to share these principles and to 'democratise' medicine of more humanistic approach
  • To empower patients to take a proactive role in their health by selfhelp and dis-ease prevention

  • Charity Patrons and Trustees board

    Ms Frederikka Barclay
    Ms Lelia Pissarro

    Board of Trustees
    Ms Gaia Astrid Shakambet
    Dr Damir Shakambet
    Mr Sulejman Pashoja
    Ms Emmi Ganic

    Executive Director
    Dr Damir Shakambet, MD

    Mr Sulejman Pashoja

    Charity Donation

    Bank transfer details are: Barclays bank in London, sort code: 20-69-17 Account number: 70631507.

    Educational programme is funded by donations and courses fees, so you can add on donation by Gift aid form