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Systems therapy

Bioregulatory method as a systems medicine model that abides by two main principles:
   •   Balance of Higher PNEI and Lower Cellular systems
   •   Multifactorial aetiology and Homeostatic process

Psychological Health -
optimisation of mental processing, improvement of emotional management and redefinition of beliefs and past event(s).

Postural Health -
increasing psycho-somatic awareness, tissue control and improving co-ordination and gravity axis.

Structural Health -
regulation of musculoskeletal and connective tissues, neural entrapments and visceral misalignment.

Physiological Health -
organ systems balancing (metabolic and PNEI), detoxification and microbiome and microcirculatory regulation.

Nutritional Health -
regulation of nutritional deficiencies, toxicities and dietary recommendations.

Bioenergetic Health -
biological electromagnetic bio-field and associated neuro-endocrine biologically active molecules.

Environmental Health -
prevention and protection from environmental health disruptors.

Spiritual Health -
consciousness growth and enlarging perspective of life by changing lifestyle and perception.