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Bioregulatory Medicine

Bioregulatory Medicine delivers a scientifically grounded system of modern healthcare, based on an integrated homeostatic model, which upholds to Hippocrates' original doctrine by stimulating internal health resources. Our missionary aims are to democratise medicine by introducing an integrative healthcare on the basis of systems theory and its integrated clinical health model.

Main Principles

Systems control
The bioregulatory view of disease is an imbalance of a interconnected systems network and an algorithm of multifactorial systems failure. Human biological system facilitates an optimal flow of biological information along psycho-physiological networks and treatment facilitates those pathways.

Homeostasis (bioregulation)
The primary objective of Bioregulatory Medicine is to support and regulate homeostasis, also commonly known as Self-regulatory Mechanisms.

Process-orientated approach
Disease process is a homeostasis dysregulation of controlling systems, which in a course of time brings presomatic changes that develop into inflammatory, degenerative and dedifferentiation phase of pathological process.
Bioregulatory treatment is a therapeutic process that aims to reverse disease by reversal and resolving physiological dysregulation and associated psychological and spiritual conflicts and blockages.

Applied Bioregulatory Medicine

Bioregulatory treatment is based on bioindividuality of a multi systems analysis.

Personalised medicine
The focus is on patient-centered care, promoting health as a positive vitality and by listening to the patient and learning their story, the practitioner brings their patient into a discovery process tailoring treatment that addresses unique needs.

Preventive medicine
Bioregulatory prevention balances self-regulatory homeostatic mechanisms to reverse the disease process in early systems errors by identifying and supporting affected health resources.

Regenerative medicine
Bioregulatory medical strategies induce the regenerative capacity of stem cells, hormonal and cellular systems, towards curative and anti-degenerative protocols.