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Drug free medical centre

Mission Statement

Our Mission

  • To update medicine towards multifactorial and systems biology
  • To facilitate integration of medicine at the cusp of over-specialisation of clinical sciences
  • To build on the strengths of modern medicine, and align it with a 21st Century interdisciplinary science(s)
  • To invite medical colleagues to share the Bioregulatory medicine by:
             a) providing specialisation training programme and standards of specialisation
             b) establishing contemporary specialist registers in Bioregulatory Medicine worldwide

  • &
  • To contribute towards a medicine suited for incidence of chronic disorders, of degenerative and malignant nature
  • To promote a 'Presomatic Syndrome', and engage medical community in Preventive Medicine
  • To bring a concept of self-regulatory capacity of homeostatic treatment; increasing internal health resources and inducing disease reversal
  • To bring a new nanopharmaceutical concept of 'minimal dosage' into mainstream medicine (Homeotherapeuticals, Nanopharmacology)
  • To bring a systems-based therapeutical methodology, on the basis of balancing different levels of physiological systems
  • To introduce environmental medicine and detoxification protocols

  • &
    Public benefit:
  • To democratise medicine by taking a more humanistic and proactive role for patients
  • To empower patients in their self-help and prevention
  • To educate and promote healthy life style and strategies to counteract environmental changes of modern society