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                 disease reversal process

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Preventive Bioregulatory Medicine

Preventive Bioregulatory Medicine treats acquired and constitutional weaknesses that appear gradually along the presomatic stage of the disease process and early detection is essential for timely and efficacious prevention.

Presomatic Syndrome

Presomatic Syndrome defines early stages of disease formative process where function is affected, but conventional tests show no signs. Functional syndromes show nutritional defficiencies, toxic tissue residues, functional positive testings, chronic restrictions and bioenergetic blockages that reflects lack of purpose and emotional and spiritual imbalance: Dr Bosh (2003) more

Bioregulatory Prevention

Diagnostic measurement includes extensive assessment of dysregulatory markers of all autoregulatory networks, compiling an algorithm of disease probability.

Bioregulatory Prevention involves tissue support and re-mineralisation combined with de-toxification and oxygenation, and liberation of suppressed emotions.
Psychosomatic Bodywork Is a manual form of the bioregulatory method, releasing all structural resistances.
Psycho-neurovegetative Treatment removes and facilitates unprocessed traumatic experiences.

Bioregulatory Algorithms

Although clinical signs and conventional classification of diagnosis is valid, main principles are based on dysregulatory factors that are crossing over from other controlling systems, and protocol is based on a personalised pattern of systems involved in order to induce a reversal of systems imbalance back to health.

Anticancer Prevention (dedifferentiation algorithm)
Bioregulatory diagnosis relies on a variety of tumour markers and tests, analysis of biological terrain and plasticity of autoregulatory system-networks; molecular biomarker panels and genomics including whole blood deep-sequencing. Cancer prevention consists of assessment of regulatory networks and tumour markers are indicative even when the tumour is only 2-3mm. Nutritional deficiencies are used to evaluate homeostatic capacity for combating cancer and a blood test is used to look at specific stressors such as chemical pollutants, heavy metals and measurement of antioxidant reserves, along with the immune system's capacity to cancer prevention.

Cardiovascular Prevention (circulatory antiinflammatory algorithm)
Heart attacks caused by coronary arterial obstructions are the leading single cause of death in the developed world and over 20% of all hospital admissions are due to circulatory problems.
We utilise laboratory testing for early detection of heart disease and Stress assessment with structural and bioresonance analysis.
Patients susceptable to heart-attacks (type-A) require early diagnosis and preventive bioregulatory protocol (antioxidant treatment, detoxification/chelation, psychosomatic bodywork, neurovegetative protocol) in order to remove stressors.

Dementia, Alzheimer Prevention (nervous vegetative algorithm)
The increase of Senile Dementias are emerging facts of environmental aetiology and Systems approach analyses multifactorial stressors through toxic screening profiles and gradual personalised creation of the preventive protocols that may include detoxification and chelation (heavy metals), and microtoxicities (organophosphates) from neural tissue, in addition to nutritive, oxygenating and alkalising treatments.