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Regenerative Bioregulatory Medicine

Bioregulatory Regenerative protocol regulates the systems as an algorithm of homeostatic factors that include Lower cellular systems and Higher psychoneuroendocrine systems, and by the elimination of factors towards normal regulatory function.
Regenerative capacity is stimulated by intregrative systems approach of stimulating varioua levels of homeostasis and eliminating all aetiological factors involved in dysregulation.

Integrative Bioregulatory methodology

Bioregulatory Medicine is integrative methodology that is working on various health controlling levels, that affect patient autoregulatory capacity to restore homeostasis, as a key factor that influences individual disease incidence and manifestation.
Psychological Health - optimisation of mental processing, emotional management, consciousness development and redefinition of beliefs and perception.
Regenerative Health - optimisation of hormonal and stem cells involved in biological regeneration.
Postural Health - increasing psycho-somatic awareness, tissue control and improving co-ordination.
Structural Health - regulation of osteo muscular and connective tissues, neural entrapments and visceral misalignment.
Physiological Health - metabolic balancing, detoxification, regulation of microbiome and microcirculation.
Nutritional Health - regulation of nutritional deficiencies, toxicities and dietary recommendations.
Bioenergetic Health - realignment of bioresonance, quantum biofield and energetic points and meridians.
Environmental Health - prevention and protection from environmental health disruptors.

Multifactorial balancing Treatments

Regenerative bioregulatory treatment is a therapeutic process focusing on the affected autoregulatory network in relation to the causative stressors. Restoration of patient autoregulatory capacity from internal and external factors involved, is a primary therapeutic objective.

Psychotherapy and Consciousness growth
Psycho-Neurovegetative Protocol
Psychosomatic Bodywork techniques
Biological medicine
(regulating tissue alkalinity and detoxification)
Homeotherapeuticals and Nutriceuticals (balancing informational molecules flow)
Regulating Microbiome
Hormonal and Immunological support
(balancing hormonal axis and immune support)
Regenerative stem cell treatment