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Bioregulatory Medicine- the art of medicine is evolving

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International Societies

International Specialistation programme

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The International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine (ISBM) affiliates societies worldwide, to deliver a specialist programme, according to ISBM specialist standards.

The online programme of live lectures and practicals are carried out during Seven Modules and you can register by online form.


Affiliated Societies

ISBM establishes and delivers standardised training and registration for specialists in national societies worldwide.

ISBM works with affiliated societies to introduce parameters of a new Diagnosis of algorithm factors involved in disturbance of selfregulatory homeostasis.

Curriculum of this programme is standardised in any of affiliated society including a final exam which is carried out by ISBM specialist board.

Specialisation Training Standards

Postgraduate specialisation in Bioregulatory Medicine is one year specialist programme in Bioregulatory Medicine which consists of Seven Modules, including a final specialist exam.
The course includes theoretical topics on system biology and diagnosis based on algorithm of aetiological factors involved in pahogenesis. Clinical aspects of course are emphasised in order to provide fluent use of concept in clinical setting. Additional written dissertation is presented in front of SBBM as an integral part of specialist progress towards its training standards.