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System Networks Autoregulation

Multitarget and Multicomponent homeostatic functions on many network system levels: mind (PNEI), body (physiology) and energy (bioinformation) in order to achieve autoregulatory correction of faulty homeostasis as a truly causative treatment.

1. PNEI-mind orientated biomedicine

Changes of lifestyle around misperceptions and distorted mental-emotional mechanisms, form the core of any psychosomatic disease.

Therapies include:
clinical hypnosis
bates method
neurolinguistic programming...

Rebalancing psychological mechanisms can be achieved either by a direct psychological approach, or indirectly via psychosomatic channels. Both will alter unconscious programs responsible for the morbid patterns of disease.

Mind oriented biomedicine is a practical synthesis of the teaching of Dr. Milton H. Erickson, Dr. Eric Berne, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Arthur Janov, Dr. Sigmund Freud, Dr. Carl G. Jung, and others. Psychotherapeutic techniques which utilise a body-mind link such as bioenergetics, developed by Dr. Alexander Lowen, the Bates method developed by Dr. William H. Bates and Curative Eurythmy, developed by Dr. Rudolph Steiner, are also used within this framework.

2. Bioenergy (information) biomedicine

Systems biology focuses on blocked informational flows. It focuses on bioenergetic, bioresonance and nutritional aspects of disease, resolving blockages along the inherent energetic and metabolic pathways.

Therapies include:
bach therapy
cranio sacral therapy
polarity therapy
bioresonance medicine
colour magnet laser therapy...

Homeopathy and bach flower therapies achieve equilibrium by prescribing energetically potent remedies. Acupuncture recharges or discharges bioenergetic deficiency or excess by inserting electro-conductive needles. Cranio-sacral therapy focuses on the relationship between energetic and connective tissue blockages that alienate affected parts of the body from the overall body consciousness. Colour therapy and electro-magnet-laser therapy provide various energetic antidotes from an electro-magnetic spectrum in order to restore the original flow. Nutritional evaluation and correction complement energetic requirements by reharmonising catabolic (energy producing) and anabolic (energy consuming) physiological processes.

Bioenergy orientated therapy is a practical synthesis of the teachings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and Dr. Edward Bach, who developed homeopathy and bach flower therapy and Dr. Hans H Reckeweg who progressed classical homeopathical approach into homotoxicology; Dr. Randolph Stone and Dr. William G. Sutherland, who formulated polarity therapy and cranio sacral therapy and Dr. Felix Mann, who produced work on ancient oriental disciplines such as Acupuncture, along with many others.

3. Physiological homeostasis

Biomedic-system 'body' orientated therapy focuses on structural and postural aspects related to any disease. Treating environmental aspects involves removing toxic molecules or xenobiotics, known to impair normal functioning; this postural approach re-educates faulty habits.

Therapies include:
psychosomatic bodywork
rolfing, alexander and feldenkrais methods
manual lymphatic drainage
environmental medicine (detoxification, nutrition, hydration, oxygenation, alkalisation)

There is a wide spectrum of manipulative techniques which treat connective tissue in the body. Biomedic treatment provides the most appropriate combination of techniques. Osteopathy and chiropractic treatment resolve misalignment of the skeletal systems. Physiotherapy and various massage techniques resolve tissue imbalances, whether within the musculo-connective tissue or in bodily fluids. Visceral manipulative techniques act upon affected internal organs. Postural work such as the Alexander technique, feldenkrais or rolfing treatments complete the body-orientated therapy by focusing on faulty postural habits. Additional respiratory and kinesthetic re-education contributes further to all-rounded vibrant health.

Body oriented biomedicine is a practical synthesis of the teachings of Daniel David Palmer, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Ida Rolf, Mosha Feldenkrais, Frederic Mathias Alexander and many others.