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Australian Society of Bioregulatory Medicine

The Australian Society for Bioregulatory Medicine is an independent, membership-based medical body for Bioregulatory Medicine in Australian territories.
It falls under the jusrisdiction of the SBBM - a specialist committee for Bioregulatory Medicine, that organises specialist training and membership for bioregulatory practitioners in Australia, together with the ISBM.


A postgraduate course specialising in Bioregulatory Medicine with an integrated systems biology methodology. Now in its 16th year, this one year diploma course in Bioregulatory Medicine has been rigorously designed, critically evaluated, and is continuously being refined by our board of doctors, each of whom bring integrated expertise to the clinical application of homeostasis. Our diploma programme in Bioregulatory Medicine provides an outstanding overview to implement into daily practice for all clinical practitioners.

Download Prospectus for course starting in January 2016