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Drug free medical centre

Postgraduate Bioregulatory Specialist Programme

Specialist Training Programmes for 2015/16

Melbourne/Gold Cost, 27 January 2016

The programme is a specialist course that consists of four modules, of teaching the theory and practice of Bioregulatory Medicine.
Graduates of the programme will receive a specialist certification as a board registered specialisation in Australia, with a professional membership that entitles specialist status and Membership or Fellowship of the Australian and International Societies.

  • International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine
  • Australian Society for Bioregulatory Medicine
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    MODULE 1   27-31 January 2016

    Fundamentals of Bioregulatory Medicine
    Biological System Theory and Homeostasis
    Psychosomatization and Disease Stage Process
    Bioregulatory Anamnesis
    Presomatic Disease Process
    Detoxifying Systems
    Introduction to Hemoetherapeutics
    Bioregulatory Detoxification procedures
    Psychosomatic Bodywork
    Biological meridians blockages and tendo-muscular correlations
    Bioregulation of the Skin, Hepatobiliary and Mucosal Systems

    MODULE 2   20-24 April 2016

    Bioregulatory Treatment of Inflammatory Phase
    PNEI system feedback
    Bioregulation of the Psychoneurologic, Immune and Endocrine Systems
    Hormonal Panel Biochemistry
    Bioregulation of Inflammatory Conditions
    Immunomodulation of Allergic and Autoimmune Conditions
    Therapeutic Rapport and Patient Management
    Clinical Hypnosis and Neurolinguistics Programming
    Acupuncture and Biological Meridians - Part one
    Bioregulatory Deotoxifying Nutrition
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage
    Homeotherapeutics in Inflammatory Conditions
    Psychovegetative Treatment - Part one

    MODULE 3   20-24 July 2016

    Bioregulatory Treatment of Degeneration Phase
    Treatment Principles of Degenerative Conditions
    Management of Chronic Digestive, Respiratory, and Urogenital Disorders
    Gynecological and Cardiovascular Degenerative Disorders
    Psychosomatic Treatment at Soft Tissue Level
    Psychosomatic Bodywork - Part two
    Visceral and Fascial Blockages
    Homeotherapeutics in Degenerative Conditions
    Bioregulatory Nutrition and Antioxidant Therapy
    Acupressure and Dry Needling - Part one

    MODULE 4   26-30 October 2016

    Bioregulatory Treatment of Malignant Phase
    Oncology Treatment and Prevention
    Disorders of Musculo-skeletal and Connective Systems
    Bioenergetics and Somato-emotional Release
    Acupuncture and Dry Needling - Part two
    Bioregulatory Ophthalmology and Dentistry
    Psychovegetative Treatment - Part two
    Homeotherpeutics in Malignancy
    EXAM 30 October 2016

    -Details of course venue to be announced at a later date
    -Light lunch and two coffee breaks, with refreshments are included

    Download Prospectus for 2016 course starting in January 2016

    Subspecialist Seminars and Courses for 2016/17

    Invasive techniques in Bioregulatory Medicine MODULE 5
    January 2017, Melbourne

    Invasive bioregulatory techniques
    Bioregulatory aesthetic treatment - "Biofacelift"
    Biopuncture (Bioregulating medicines - direct applications)
    Musculoskeletal bioregulatory applications
    Segmental mesotherapy